The Gameplay:

Counter-Strike Global Offensive series is a multiplayer first-person shooter game. The game pits two teams- Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists, against each other in different modes to repeatedly complete the given objectives. You can be the Terrorists who plant the bomb or the Counter-Terrorists who stop them. This is a fun game where you will be rewarded based on your performance with in-game currency to spend on weapons or other utility. It is just a win-win game where winning rounds can reward you more than the money you might lose. Additionally, you can earn a cash bonus on completing map-based objectives. Choose your side wisely and let the game begin!!

CS: GO as Esports:

With over years of competitive history, CS: GO holds an edge in eSports. Since the first release, the game has always paved the way for becoming the biggest shooter game. From teams competing in professional leagues to having head-to-head tournaments, Global Offensive Counter-Strike is now one of the largest global eSports.

The tournaments and leagues are hosted by third-party organizations. Gamers can also be a part of Valve-sponsored tournaments known as Major Championships (the most prestigious tournaments in the Counter-Strike circuit). While the other leagues can be quite rewarding, participating in the Majors gives the chance to win the largest eSports prize pools.


Player StatisticsFantasy Points
Captains2x of the Points Earned
Flash Assists0.5
Average Damage Per Round0.01
Headshot Kills0.5
First Kill0.5
RNP Bonus0.5
Match Sweep Bonus5 (na for BO 1)


  1. Rounds not played Bonus: For each round not played, active players will be awarded 0.5 points irrespective of the result of the match. Active player is a player who has played in at least 1 of the rounds in the match.
  2. Match Bonus: Any player who is part of the team winning the match without any loss in a best-of series. For eg, if a player is in a team that won a Best of 5 series 3-0.
  3. Flash Assists: 
  4. Killing someone who’s flashed should give count as an assist for the flashbang thrower. 

Lineup Requirement:

1. Lineup should consist of 5 players

2. Maximum of 3 players can be selected from any playing team

3. You have to select one player as the captain of your lineup. Captain will score 2x the normal fantasy points for each statistic.

Lineup Edits:

1. You can edit your line-ups any number of times before the start of the match. You can keep track of the same with the timer running

for each match. Once the timer stops, the match gets locked and no change in the team can be done after that.

2. In the rare case that a game starts before the scheduled Game Set start time, all players within that game will become locked as

as soon as our feed reflects that the game has begun.

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