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Since our inception in India in 2021 and then taking over the Philippines in June 2022, we are grateful to become Asia’s largest esports fantasy platform. We are a community of over 100 million users today and we expect to grow exponentially by the year 2025 given the upward trend. As a gaming platform, we allow gamers to create their fantasy teams for each game and tournament to win rewards based on their real-life performance as a team.

Being a host to offer fantasy content in some of the leading tournaments around the globe including PUBG, COD, League of Legends, and Valorant to name a few, the platform has garnered immense popularity amongst gamers from all around the world. We work with the main intention to revolutionize the fantasy gaming concept by giving access to thrilling and fair gameplay in each game. We combine the latest technologies available with the consumers’ mindset to create a base for all the esports fantasy enthusiasts.


As a two-year-old start-up from India, it brings us immense joy to declare the fresh inflow of $40 million worth of funding to grow our platform. Previously, during the Series A financing round in August 2021, big shots like Falcon Edge Capital, Sequoia Capital India, and Info Edge India put in $10 million in the company. Now, the same names, along with Polygon have further helped us raise a whopping $40 million funding in the Series B funding round.

About the Investors

Sequoia Capital, founded by Donald Thomas Valentine, is a venture capital firm in America, headquartered in California. Announced as one of the most active venture capital companies in 2019 for India, it focuses on promoting businesses within the technology industry.

Formerly known as Falcon Edge Capital, this investment firm in New York rebranded itself as Alpha Wave Global with a funding of $10 million. During the series A funding round, FanClash received $10 million funding in 2021 before getting joint funding of $40 million from big investment firms in the Series B funding round on 17th June 2022.

Polygon, founded by Sandeep Nailwal back in 2017 has announced that it serves as one of India’s popular Indian Blockchain scalability platforms and resolves issues like user experience, transaction per second, and fees faced by Ethereum. As an active investor in the Series B round of financing, it is an exciting opportunity for us to explore the gaming industry.

What Next?

With the help of the $40 million funding received by FanClash, we look forward to expanding the bandwidth of our esports fantasy gaming platform to a larger customer base on a global level.

  • Our end goal is to become a global leader in this industry in time to come, targeting the 500 million esports viewers and players around the world.
  • In addition to that, as the online gaming market is set to surpass the value of $5 billion worth of revenue by the year 2025, we aim to contribute to the majority of the growth rate by that year.
  • Finally, with the planned launch of our platform in the USA and Vietnam by early 2023, our expansion plan is set into motion with this funding, while inspiring other esports startups to take the plunge and challenge themselves to become a part of the esports industry. 

Here is what the Investors Have To Say

Rajan Anandan, MD of Sequoia India exclaimed his excitement about his investment in our company stating, “FanClash is building an exciting new destination for esports fans with an incredible product that is loved by its users.”

Anirudh Singh, MD of Alpha Wave Global supports the evolution of the gaming industry in esports and FanClash is a great addition to educating the users worldwide. He said, “The company has shown its execution strength across all international markets while maintaining high capital efficiency- reflected in the industry-leading metrics like LTV/CAC.”

Kitty Agarwal, Partner at Info Edge Venture Fund is excited to partner with us in our ideation days, encouraging us to contribute to the growing phenomenon of esports startups. She mentioned, “Esports is a large and growing market globally, and FanClash with its global ambitions is well positioned to become the global leader in Esports fantasy.” 

Snippets from the Company’s Leaders

Rishabh Bhansali, Co-Founder is the backbone of FanClash. Rishabh believes marketing and technology are the strongest powerhouses onboard leading the path to success for the company. Richa gives credit to Rishabh for his leadership qualities even as the founder, encouraging team efforts towards a goal-oriented strategy.

Richa Singh, Co-Founder is the strong support system behind the entire team. She is a punctual team builder who puts in more effort to make the team feel valued and acknowledged. Her team is the builder of the company today and she ensures to be there throughout to not miss any opportunity to explore fresh ideas for FanClash to reach a larger target audience,

This is one of our initial steps towards becoming the global leader in Esports fantasy gaming. There is yet much to cover but our determination to achieve that feat is no less in any respect!

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