Welcome to Fantasy on FanClash! FanClash is a new age app made in India to play fantasy on esports  and earn real money. The app can be downloaded from our website www.fanclash.in. You can access our PWA at Beta.fanclash.com  directly from your browser, you don’t need to install the app as well.

FanClash is the first mover in Fantasy on esports in India. FanClash hosts fantasy contests on Valorant , PUBG PC, CODM, CS:GO, FREEFIRE, COD PC along with esports tournaments where you can participate. You can make your dream team amongst the pro players and get points based on their real life performance.

Select the Fantasy tab on FanClash app or PWA, you can then select any match on the upcoming matches section of the page.

Match Card

Click on Match Card , you will reach the contests card screen, you can pick any contest you want to join and create a team 

Pooled prize pool is flexible; it increases in value as the number of people filling slots increases .The contest card also states the minimum slots that need to be filled for a contest to happen. The contest card also states the probability of winning a particular contest. This helps a FanClash user to make a judgement on whether to join a contest or not. Fantasy esports is a skill based tournament where you can see the statistics of the players and take a call whether you want to include them in your dream pro team or not.

Contest Card 

Guaranteed Prize pool is a fixed prize pool irrespective of the number of people filling the slots .

You can check scoring rules by clicking on the scoring tab in the interface above.

Once you have selected the contest you want to participate in you can create your dream team , there is a limit on the number of players you can choose from one specific team. You have to select your dream team within the quota of the credits which are available to you. Use your judgement and knowledge of esports and make the best dream team possible.

After selecting your team you can now select the captain of your team from all the possible options .The captain will get 2X points. FanClash also provides the percentage of time a particular player was selected as a captain .

And finally your dream team is created and you can rest easy ,and watch the live stream of the match and enjoy!

The results will be uploaded for Valorant , CS:GO, COD, PUBG PC in 12 -13 hrs. The results will be uploaded for PUBG Mobile and FreeFire in 2-3 days. As soon as the match is marked complete your winnings get credited to your account based on the points you got on your dream team performance. You will get a notification when your winnings are credited. You can edit your team from the My matches section before the match goes live. You can also check the match leaderboard in my matches tab after the result is published.

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