The TEC Gauntlet season 1 Regular Season is almost over with only a few matches left in Round Robin format. The table-toppers will qualify for the Main Event, along with the prize money. Force1 Esports are to play Godlike Esports on 12 July 2021, now this matchup is special because both the teams have lost just one match, both the teams are very close on the points table, and both the teams are in similar form right now. This match will decide who is on top of each other.

Historical Form

Force1 Esports has been in good form recently, they have tumbled only to Global Esports and Velocity Gaming. Most recently, F1 took the match very close against Velocity Gaming yesterday in the Valorant Conquerors Championship quarter-finals (not broadcasted officially). In the last 5 matches of F1, they have lost 2 matches to GE and VLT (one each), with a scoreline of 2-1 on both occasions.

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Godlike Esports, on the other hand, has some of the best Indian Valorant stars and yet they have had to face upsets. Most recently, GodL lost to Enigma Gaming in the quarter-finals of the Valorant Conquerors championship yesterday (not broadcasted officially). In the last 5 matchups, they have lost to Enigma Gaming and Global Esports with a scoreline of 2-1 and 2-0 respectively. Team Novas had taken the game close but lost.

To sum it up, Godlike Esports need some time to adapt to their new IGL Antidote, while on the other hand, Force1 Esports seems all set with the players like RvK, KnightRider, and Rafaa.

Players to watch out for

On the side of Force1 Esports, RvK is set to light the stage with his crisp aim. Other significant players will be Scargod and Rafaa.  On the side of Godlike Esports, DM King (Deathmaker) is always a beast, you put him against any team, GE or VLT. Other players to watch out for will be Antidote on the Operator, and Haivaan.

My FanClash fantasy team

Considering all the above-mentioned events, past form, consistency, and experience of all ten players, my FanClash fantasy team is:

  • Deathmaker (Captain)
  • RvK
  • KnightRider
  • Antidote
  • HaiVaan

You can watch the match here.

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