Imagine earning a month’s income just by playing video games? Yes, you read that right, massive competitive games like PUBG Mobile, CS:GO, LOL, free fire tournaments are allowing players to make huge money. As the esports market grows, it brings a plethora of opportunities for the gamers who are willing to make a shift from their traditional sports to esports. During lockdown people were forced to shut in their houses and they had no choice but to play games inside while enjoying the same arena and this is where esports emerged as a prime source of entertainment to the gamers. 

With emerging technologies like the play-to-earn paradigm, gamers are getting more and more comfortable investing money in iGaming. Whether you are a noob or a professional player, esports have something to offer on its plate. And it’s really fascinating that from $194mn in 2014 to $1.3bn in 2021, the esports industry grew exponentially.

Game of Passion or Skill?

Well, if talking about esports in terms of money making, it is a game of both passion and skill. Your passion makes you consistent and your gaming skills bring professionalism in you. Consistency and competency both are crucial for any game. Where skills like player management and great hold on finances can act as a catalyst to help one reach top and consistency on the other hand will help gain competitive advantage and statistics.

So, it is a game of both passion and skills where you can earn a lot of money.

Esports as Career

Well, esports revolves around competitive games in different segments. These include games like Valorant, Clash of Clans, DOTA2, PUBG and many others. Gamers can sign deals with top esports teams to enter into competition and win huge prize money. And not just the prize pool, gamers also get a chance to travel the world while going for gaming tournaments.

So what are the different way that are making esports fantasy players monetize their passion and gaming skills:

  1. Streaming 

You really need not to be a professional gamer or player to stream. There are multiple streaming platforms available for streamers including Twitch, Youtube and many others.

According to,  on YouTube, the average income ranges from 3000$/month, while Twitch seems to have an average of over 5000$/month on average. 

Players can even build a strong community of viewers and earn money by capturing attention from different esports and fantasy sports platforms. 

  1. Fantasy Esports 

Fantasy Sports is something we have been playing over the years but recently a platform, namely FanClash has become very popular which allows players to play fantasy on esports. Players can simply sign up on the platform and register themselves for different tournaments and multiple contests they want to be a part of and earn cash rewards. 

  1. Advertising and Sponsorships

Well, this segment works for every sports and esports team and players really can’t afford to miss great deals that come with huge brands and sports companies. Sponsorship is like signing an agreement with the sports company and esports team or a player where they receive money for advertising their products and services. This can include using their names on clothes, equipment, or social media accounts. In this way esports players can earn huge money. Advertising on the other hand allows players to even place ads of these companies on the stage where esports events are hosted or displaying their names in the live streaming. 

  1. Play-to-earn

Blockchain enabled esports enthusiasts to trade gaming equipment and skins in both real and virtual worlds. There are many websites that allow players to sell and buy gaming skins for real money and earn some profit from it. Players can even trade within the games to get memorabilia and cool objects of the game. One should definitely try this new yet innovative way of earning money.

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Well, these are some out of the many ways in which esports enthusiasts are making money. Some people have even made esports as their source of income which itself implies that esports is capturing the iGaming market and is ready to enter into the hundreds billion dollar industry soon. 


There may be different ways to earn money from esports. But it is always advisable to choose the one which works best for you. While fantasy on esports could do wonders to some it may not be a good source for others. So, before indulging yourself too much, learn what’s the best option for you. 

About FanClash

FanClash is a fantasy esports platform where Daily Fantasy Esports contests are hosted. With 5K new users each day, we are growing as an esports tournament platform and leveraging the technology to deliver the ultimate fantasy esports experience to the users. Backed by a strong team of developers and designers, our esports fantasy platform is comprehensive and supports both crypto and fiat currency. With multiple esports tournaments for games including CS:GO, Pubg Mobile and PC, Valorant, FreeFire, and Call of Duty, we have gained recognition for our state of the art features and interactive user interface. 

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