To mark the launch of BGMI, a battle royale game specially developed by Krafton for the Indian audience, Krafton had officially hosted the first-ever BGMI tournament dubbed as The BGMI Launch Party.

A total of 18 teams were competing against each other across six matches in Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar for winning. Besides the regular matches, two Pan fight fun matches were also played in which only team leaders could participate.

The BGMI Launch Party Day 1 standings

Team Snax showed a dominant performance by winning all three matches with decent finishes on the first day of the tournament. They secured a total of 76 points on Day 1. Team Snax’s aggression surprised everyone. Not that the team was an underdog, but that humongous performance against other top tier teams has to be surprising.

The BGMI Launch Party Day 2 standings

Again on Day 2, Team Snax secured their first chicken dinner on Erangel. However, Team Jonathan broke their winning streak and won the second match. Team Maxtern managed to secure a chicken dinner in the final game, thereby securing the seventh position on the overall points table. Team Snax had already cemented their status as the winner of the tournament with their performance on Day 1.

BGMI Launch party points table:

BGMI launch party points table
The BGMI launch party points table

BGMI Launch party winner

Team Snax won the BGMI launch party with 120 points on the overall standings. Also, Team Kronten and Team Ronak managed to secure 2nd & 3rd positions, respectively, with decent placement and finish points.

Krafton also announced the esports roadmap on Day 2 of the event. Further esports plans of BGMI are expected to be revealed today, 15 July 2021. The details of the first tournament, the BGMI India Series, have been leaked already.

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