The Esports Club Gauntlet – Season 1 – Regular Season which kicked off the 12th of June, Saturday is the league season of the TEC Gauntlet Season 1 featuring a 2,50,000 INR prize pool up for grabs for 16 teams split into groups of two.

Standings as of Day 20:

Force One Esports are comfortably lying in the 3rd place of Group A, whilst Team Valor lay in position 4 of the same group. Both Teams have lost 1 game throughout, but Force One have won one more due to having played one more. Force One Esports also have a round differential of +35, which is one of the better ones, a testament to their recent upturn in form.

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Historical Form:

Force One Esports have a 6W and 4L in their previous 10 games. Their losses have respectably come up against Global Esports, Enigma Gaming, Velocity Gaming and Samurai Esports, so it isn’t necessarily the end of the world for Force One Esports.

Team Valor have also had a respectable 4W and 2L record in their recorded previous games. They’ve only dropped series to Godlike Esports and Global Esports, which is hardly a mark against them.

Players to watch out for:

Both teams have quite great players, but the players to look out for will be, on the side of Force One Esports: RvK, Rafaa. RvK, the IGL and primary sentinel for F1 will be the game changer, and his calls and play will generally change the game quite a lot. Rafaa is the primary duelist for F1 and his ability to find headshots and entries for his team will quite change the playing field, and make it much easier for his team to convert rounds into wins.

On the side of Team Valor: Busterrr and Psykovsky are two players to keep an eye on. Busterrr is the primary duelist for them. Busterrr is quite the rock for Valor and his performance will definitely affect how Team Valor approach the game in general. Team Valor have made recent roster changes in transferring BuLL3T to Team Outset and adding Psykovsky from Rebellious Gaming, so it will be interesting to see how that works out for them as well. Stroky should be the ideal choice for fifth player on your fantasy list.

The games will be streamed live here. Tune in at 7 PM IST for action packed VALORANT goodness!

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